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OEE Workshop




Our OEE Workshop is designed to help manufacturers understand OEE and other real-time important key performance indicators (KPIs) that will guide them to achieve their manufacturing performance goals. 


Our interactive workshop will provide a through understanding of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Equipment Effective Performance (TEEP) and how these metrics can be utilized. The workshop will also show how these metrics support Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs.


The workshop contains is made of three parts that are customized for each client

  1. Discussion of OEE and other performance metrics to ensure everyone understands further discussions. See Understanding OEE:
  2. Review the steps of GAP analysis, and steps to correct the GAP, between manufacturing goals and existing conditions. See diagram below.
  3. Discuss and begin to inactively work on a client opportunity - or discuss some of our examples.

Each person attending a workshop will be given a detailed agenda for the session. In addition, each person will be expected to bring their domain expertise and any pre-work with them to the workshop to ensure that they are ready to actively participate.

This OEE Workshop is available in a number of formats:

  • A free Two-hour Lunch-n-Learn meeting/workshop.
  • One-day format which will include a review of the client's systems and interactive development of specific plans.   

Please Note: A workshop is a two way exchange of information that leads to understanding. The attendee should be prepared to describe needs, current systems, the GAP between where they are operating today and where they need to be, and their methods for budgeting and justifying solutions.

The diagram below shows the cycle of manufacturing improvement and the support Sylution can bring to you in many areas. 

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