Suppliers of tools and experience to textile manufacturing clients


Acquire information from existing controls, databases and knowledge from the plant floor

Analyze of the information as key performance indicators like Efficiency, SPC, OEE, MTBF,

 Present the information in web dashboard, automated reports, alarms, email and text alerts and more




Many textile plants have highly sophisticated equipment and machines. Some textile plants are still operating old equipment. Textiles have high demands for quality and incredible pressure to be a very low cost producer. The product may require special track and trace, genealogy, and specific records of manufacturing conditions.

In all cases, the need is high to get real-time key performance indicators shared quickly throughout the facility to keep the whole team working on the same goals.

Twenty-Seven years of experience, articles, sections in books, speaking and consulting attest to the specific expertise that we at Sylution have building these systems that others do not. Our knowledge and expertise will save you time and money as well as ensuring your success.


We have helped manufacturing plants in the following areas:

  • Get real-time information from obsolete controls and databases - safely with standard products.
  • Add operator interfaces for control or and solely for manufacturing data that is currently only on paper systems.
  • Add process historians to provide genealogy and trending
  • Tracking and increasing performance of machines and processes by real-time performance  management tools to track Downtime, OEE, MTBF and more.
  • Root-cause analysis of problems by showing trending of process variables in conjunction with performance information by equipment, grade, etc.
  • Energy management reporting.
  • Web-based process and performance reporting.
  • Automated web-based Production Reporting.





Here is our top 10 suggestions to increase profitability in a Textile Plant:

  1. Call Sylution Incorporated
  2. Present actionable information and key performance indicators in electronic signage in Operating and Common Areas
  3. Modernize your operator interfaces - Web-based interfaces are inexpensive and easy to modify
  4. Use automated email and text alerting to solve important business issues fast.
  5. Create a manufacturing web portal with all decision making intelligence in one place.
  6. Track downtime, OEE/efficiency and other manufacturing KPIs by product and shift on all constraint machines
  7. Lean Pull - reduce WIP and inventories
  8. Reduce quality problems - in line SPC is inexpensive and can be displayed on a portal
  9. Monitor and report energy use per operating rates, products and shifts - Send Email and Text Alerts on excursions.
  10. Let Sylution help you do these things securely and inexpensively with standards based solutions.


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