KPI (Metrics) Workshop




Our KPI Workshop is designed to help businesses understand selection and tracking important Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will guide them to achieve their manufacturing performance goals. 


Our interactive workshop will provide a through understanding of Key Performance Indicators that will drive and track behaviors leading to accomplishing goals. Specific manufacturing KPIs such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Total Equipment Effective Performance (TEEP) and their use in programs like Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) will be covered. However, the workshop will cover goal oriented and maintenance level KPIs and is useful for those wanting to get straight A's in school or lose weight.


The workshop contains is made of three parts that are customized as needed

  1. Discussion and definition of KPIs and performance metrics and their uses to ensure everyone understands further discussions. See Understanding OEE as an example:
  2. Examine KPIs and metrics: correlation to goals, action steps, timely updates, culture and performance vs. reporting.
  3. Discuss examples interactively with the group such as weight loss, Fantasy Football, and of course manufacturing. Explore goal achievement, automating data collection and presentation, software tools, visualization, feedback, burnout and other topics.

Each person attending a workshop will be given a detailed agenda for the session. In addition, each person will be expected to bring any pre-work with them to the workshop to ensure that they are ready to actively participate.

This KPI Workshop is available in a two formats:

  • A Lunch-n-Learn intro. You supply the lunch - we'll help you learn.
  • Full Workshop - Contact us for an agenda and pricing.  Great for annual goal setting and team building meetings.  

Please Note: Contact us to arrange a lunch and learn or get proposal to for the KPI workshop.

The chart below represents an excellent example of setting, tracking, and correcting KPIs to lose weight. This is a real example and covered in the my article The Biggest Loser  


Click to see the article.