TrakSYSTM is the award-winning real-time operations management software developed by Parsec Automation Corporation.  TrakSYSTM is an innovative and quickly evolving system that delivers rapid implementation of a best-of-breed operational excellence tool - but also a platform for a totally integrated operations management solution for your manufacturing business.


TrakSYSTM will help you accomplish many of your goals with a web-based solution:

  • Increased throughput with the same assets.

  • Lower cost per unit with the same assets.

  • Increased equipment reliability.

  • Increased productivity of personnel.

  • Automated production reporting including Electronic Batch Records

  • Increased production yields using real-time OEE and SPC

  • NON-GMP solution for production reporting for Pharmaceuticals.

  • Manufacturing event notification and problem escalation.

  • Energy Management

  • Environmental Tracking and notification

  • Electronic Batch Records and batch control 


Case Studies:

St. Michelle Article: Packaging Machine Technology's 2008 Line of the Year




Report Examples

Sample of instances of a few standard reports. Click to enlarge.


HISTORITrak Trend DashboardHISTORITrak dashboard with performance information.Custom Dashboard overview of performanceCustom (VSM) Value Stream Map DashboardCustom Dashboard

Samples of custom dashboards.  Click to enlarge.


SPCTrak(TM) Dashboard WEBTrak Changeover DashboardTrakSYS(TM) Batching Details DashboardTrakSYS(TM) Batch Report


Samples of custom dashboards for SPC, Changeover, and EBR. Click to enlarge.


Sample of EVENTTrak(TM)            Example of the EVENTTrakTM Operator web interface. Click to enlarge.



TrakSYSTM is a standard product that scales easily from line, to plant, to enterprise regardless of the controls or ERP infrastructure and it does not lock our clients to a single vendor automation platform that will cost millions.  For those that have already determined that real-time performance management is part of their strategy then see us for demonstration and to talk to some of our existing customers.