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We are currently offering our clients a promotional price for Automated Line Assessment Studies using LEANTrak™.  Click Here

Or for a free on-site demonstration of LITETrakTM using our LEANTrakTM portable system.

We will set up LEANTrak™  on your machine or system to collect real-time performance data of rate, counts, running or stopped. We will configure the system for your SKUs, Lot numbers, shifts, line equipment, theoretical rates, and event categories.

LEANTrak™  is a portable system that uses the easily configured LITETrakTM version of the award winning TrakSYS™ software solution with external sensors to get product flow and counts. But don’t worry, LITETrak™ can also connect to your PLCs to get downtime and product counts if  those are available. With specific programming for products, work orders, historical trending and operator journal entry LITETrakTM is advanced and built to be a permanent OEE solutions – yet it it can also be used in a mobile system that can be set up in less than an hour to begin collecting data and seeing performance indicators.

Assessment deliverables:

·         You will see in real time the exact downtime of the line or equipment, the reasons and categories of the loss by shift, product or lot. You will see changeover, OEE, OPE, MTBF and more.

·         You will get a final report that includes standard TrakSYS™ reports of shift or daily performance on your equipment for many KPIs including OEE, rate, yield, and downtime length and frequency. The report will also provide you with insight into reasons for performance problems and suggested next steps.







Uses for an Assessment Study:

·         Machine or line performance for meeting Vendor performance guarantees.

·         Feasibility study for machine upgrades

·         Performance study on supplier runability

·         Proof of concept.

·         Project justification.

Promotion Name: LEANTrak Line Assessment



If you do not need an assessment study but just want to see a LITETrakTM software in action then we will be glad to bring a LEANTrak™ to your facility to show you TrakSYS™ for free.

 Please call 800 254-9140 or Click Here to let us know how we can serve your needs best.



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