What is the difference between a meeting and a workshop? What is the difference between studying a book and a workshop? What is the difference between a seminar and a workshop? There are several true answers.

• Efficiency
• Effectiveness
• Understanding
• Team work
• Lean process
• Consensus

The term workshop denotes a team “hands on” or an interactive working session. If you go to a photography seminar you expect to hear about photography and see pictures. If you attend a photography workshop you expect to take some pictures.

Sylution Incorporated is a value added reseller of performance management and lean tools and services. The difference between a meeting and a workshop to us is often the value we can quickly bring to a client in working through solutions to their real problems and opportunities. The workshop approach that Sylution uses is focused on improvement objectives and return for meeting those objectives. We have seen manufacturing facilities that were running to Key Performance Indicators that they had no capability to influence nor could they even know for several days after the fact. We have worked with very highly skilled, intelligent clients that didn’t know how easy it could be to see the right KPI like OEE – or how to interpret that KPI to find areas of improvement in the operation.

To make the workshop work well the client organization should have representatives from engineering/operational excellence, operations management, process controls and possibly maintenance to get more than one perspective or interpretation of needs and return. Sylution Consultants provide a workshop agenda that is mixed with lecture, discussions, and exercises. The consultants participating in the workshop can instantly answer questions about relative cost of different options and time to implement as well as insight from other projects. It causes discussions that lead to prioritizing objectives; and great insight to rank and payback of various objectives – even if there is more work to be done outside the workshop.

A workshop is never free. Everyone must contribute time for the meeting and preparation so that everyone brings in relative domain expertise and information. But the rewards can be high too. Participants will have a much better understanding of their problems, opportunities, and the ability, cost and ROI for correcting the correction of the problem. In short, a workshop is one step toward allowing the client to determine a solution to his problem that he may need to buy – rather than talking to vendors and being sold a solution. The company that uses a workshop approach can achieve a goal efficiently and effectively.

Sylution presents workshops on OEE, Process Intelligence, and in conjunction with our partner Invistics – a workshop on LEAN Pull Design. It is not necessary to hire Sylution to conduct a workshop for your team. This can be accomplished by other consultants but I do highly suggest that the workshop is conducted by an outside consultant with a lot of broad experience and examples. The important things that we cover are as follows:

Performance Improvement: Review Initiatives and Current Metrics

Define: Define OEE and its use with TPM and “world class” manufacturing

Acquire: How to get real-time data from existing systems and people

Analyze and Organize: Real-time intelligence in the format needed to achieve goals

Presentation: Present the right actionable intelligence to the people that can act on it

Empowerment: Improved performance without working harder

Success and ROI

OEE Workshop Information

Process Intelligence Workshop Details

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